Hellfire sox "First Invasion"

Hellfire sox first invasion

Bob and alice


Hey bob what we gonna do tonight

Alice said to him in this night

We don’t have any place where we

Can be alone let ‘s go on cemetery

It will be so cool cmon


I always wanna be with you yeah I know

I always wanna fuck just you yeah I know

I always wanna kiss just you yeah I know

Alice says to bob whey they re

Going through the night on cemetery


What the hell is going on I don’t know

Is it fucking joke or no I don’t know

Maybe all this shit is not true I don’t know

Alice says to bob when they re

Going through the night on cemetery


Don’t be scared I ‘m with you all this shit

Is not true lets go home lets go dear

Now I hear steps so near

Butcher knife over their heads

Blood is streaming on alice s face

In this night they met own death

On their grave on their grave


Evil sid

He goes to school with big black

Gun and always uses it when  troubles

Big bloody  chain in his right hand

And switch blade knife behind a belt


Die die cum blood loose the fight shoot is right evil sid

Die die in pain stupid man in bloody game evil sid


When you were alive

I loved and trust you a lot of time

I fucked with you and it was fine

It was so beautiful to know

That our love was hard like stone


Now I can see my job is done

You lie on the ground

In own puddle of blood

Your eyes are so empty and I know

I’ll never see you bitch in my life


My dick was always hot and strong

When you put my hand on you – slut

When we kissed in my car and all

That time when you were alive


Your face your eyes

Your lips your ass

I also loved your tits and legs

And  I loved dress that was on you

That was on you when I killed you


We are grown

We are growing up and view

Is gonna change

We built our life and

Fight all time for own respect

We change one way and can loose

Or die we can laugh but also can cry


We are grown

Vision is gonna change

Troubles will never end

Moving slow

You keep your own distance

Trying to survive in this world


We keep our children in place and

Out of danger we live for them

And loose people that we loved

And get new graves but remember in hearts


Time is gone

You see your own errors

Too late to make it better

Dead and fall

You see your own errors

Too late to make it better


Hiding in this broken house

In this horror night

Wanted by some evil forces

Trying to survive

Loosing chances every second dying

In this place

Drops of sweat on my face

Cold blood in my veins


I killed them and now I’m cursed

Searching by the evil ghost

For my sins in this life

I’ll burn in hellfire


Ghosts of men that I killed

Going throught the door

Fog is filling this room

And I’m looking for

Black gun in my pocket

With bullet for my head

Spots of blood on walls yeah it’s

My way to hell



Hey weak man take me in hand

Lets go in world when all your troubles  end

There’s no scoff there’s no life it perfect

Place without pain and crimes

I hate my life release me now


Trust me put me  on your neck

You’ll see how nice it to be dead

Don’t waste your time on your life

I can destroy your suffer now

Your rope

Damaged brain

Hey my damaged brain

You destroy me every day

You destroy me when I walk

You destroy me when I talk


And I can’t cure from this head pain

I try to run from all my memories again

I have no chances to live in fucking world

And I don’t want it anymore


I can fly so high

See all people down

I have a mask

Red coat and stupid shoes

I’ll destroy this world “no future”

It’s my word and now I’m starting my own


And I will throw shit in society

And I will kick your lily ass

And I’ll destroy all morality

And turn all people in depress


I wanna be anti-herd


Two rays from my eyes

They’ll destroy your house

Cos I don’t give a shit

About you

Then I’ll fart so long

That people in this world will

Stink like shit



Grey sky and nasty rain

Cold wind it was bad day

I was surprised I saw

A crowd and man I saw

That people were around

And little man inside

He did something and i

Wanted to see that did this guy


He had a silly hat

White eyes were blind and dead

He had a rotten teeth he’s back from r.i.p.


Joker with rotten teeth

Show me show me show

Your tricks

Show me how you cut head

Yeah your jokes make me so mad

Fuckin right

I walk  on street so why you

Look at me you fuckin dick

You fuck your own fuckin children every

Fuckin week you look at me and think

That I am fuckin too but I don’t give a shit


I know I’m fuckin right


I wanna fuck your stupid mother

And your brother

I wanna fuck your father and grandmother

And even you I wanna fuck you too


Hell fm

When you re driving your car

On a highway at night

When you listen to music

In your boring ride

Hey you better watch out

In you will head a song

With a sinister sound

It’s so crazy and long


It’ll crack your bones tonight

If you will find hell fm in ride


Hell fm all my body burns in flame


in my room with grey-black walls

I am sitting so alone

In dark suit that I like

To dress I don’t wanna be depressed


It’s only sorrow it’s only pain

And it’ll forever be the same


I am not living I’m waiting to die

That’s no hope for tomorrow

I am so scared it makes me cry can’t

Get out of my sorrow


On the edge in this dead cold night

I am looking for mi end

Falling down but I’ve understood

That I’d live if I could


In my life I saw only dark sides

In my dreams I saw only nightmare

That’s no reason to live

That’s no reason to die


I am not living I’m waiting to die

There’s no hope for tomorrow

I am so scared it makes me cry

I can’t live with my sorrow


Man who sold his own soul

Agreement that wrote by blood

Bargain with devil “do it you are right”

I can give you all so tell me what you want

Instead your wicked soul


Right motherfucin right

Man who sold own soul


I always wanna have gold

These words man said to devil and

Time has stoped on clock

In silent pause devil was gone

He got new soul he got fresh soul


Wish of man is working well

In golden coffin he falls to hell

Motherfucking hell


Man who sold own soul

I can give you all if I’ll get your soul

Man who sold own soul

6 feel  world

Dirty man with spade in fog

With blood on hands and big beg

At the road

Stars are shining

In dark dark sky

Man is diging 6 feet down

Disgusting voices in his head

Disgusting voices make him mad


From 6 feet world I’ll destroy you in your world


He is putting man with beg in pit

In this cold place dead cold body will be kept

Stars are shining

In dark dark sky

Man is diging 6 feet down

Disgusting voices in his head

Disgusting voices make him mad

From 6 feet world I’ll destroy you in your world


Running hiding grawling crawling dying


Dark clowns

They are creeping in darkness

With axes in hands

Disgust in their laughter

Envoyers of death


They’ll be back in hell with you

Your horrors nightmares turn true


Dark clowns are coming for you

In this night they are killing you

Shut all windows shut all doors

Don’t be scared

You re trying to hide but killers re around

Clowns are coming for you

And they are killing you


You see your own death

This crazy madness dying fast