Klingonz " Up Uranus" 13 текстов песен


Way down deep in my dungeon

Constructing a robot for the future

It’s gonna be the best the world has ever seen

A magnificent, сolossal superstructure


I am efficient obey your commands

You are a bollox you don’t understand

What do you mean I cannot compute

None of you lip you mechanical flute


Cybermong will be the leanest meanest machine

Invincable, the world will stand in awe

Megabotic, destructobotic

A super hero, in the veign of thor


You’ve got a hefty dong with a cheesy

Pong in your leather thong cause you’re a

A cybermong


A malfunction in my creations circuitry

Has burnt out the electrodes in his android brain

Exploding wires and micro chips

A tangled mess my dream is slain



A childish experiment that went wrong

Engulfed in flames his famly are gone

Scarred both physically and mentally

Released, unleashed into society

Givn a job as a hospital porter

Burning fetuses is part of his day

A time of trauma and terror has begun

Disturbed beyond belief hide

The abortions away


Burn burn don’t burn those babies

Burn burn bury them instead


He buries them down in

A neighbouring field

That night a storm passes overhead

Electric volts breathes life in this

Graveyard to raise the dead

They start speaking to him in his sleep

Their mewling bring chaos to him mind

Feed us feed us we crave blood

The one and only blood

The blood of mankind


Voices are fluttering inside his mind

Take us form our grave

The time has come sweet mutterings

Commands which he must obey

Feed us with your blood

Burn burn burn

Feed us with your blood

Burn burn burn

Drink Fight Fuck

Drink myself stupid cause I’m feelin dry

Pass me the bottle man now don’t be shy

My liver is scriichin’ yeah it needs to get high

Drink, Fight, Fuck is the life for me

I drink I get lairy and I feel like a king

Lets start a riot lets cause an affray

Red vino on tap as I punch and swing

Drink, Fight, Fuck is the life for me


Drink, Fight, Fuck well get it down you

Drink, Fight, Fuck I’m gonna cut you

Drink, Fight, Fuck we’re gonna rape you


Drink that bottle till I’m good and kaned

Fight that bastard cause I ain’t afraid

Fuck that pussy there’s jiz to be sprayed


Got my beer goggles on and I neeed a fuck

My balls are aching need to shoot my muck

Might even get a blow job with a bit of luck

Drink, Fight, Fuck it’s the life for me


Don’t Label Me

I hate the way people judge you

On face value because of your creed

Or colour or your point of view

What happened to innocent

Till proven guilty

Your twisted minds

They make me wanna spew

Do not pass go do not

Collect 200 pounds

Go diredtly to conformity

Go get a job and a wife and kids and

Take your place into society

Take your place into society

Society, society, society

Don’t label me don’t label me,

Don’t label me, don’t, you label me


My attitude doesn’t fit your standards

And the way I dress

Makes you look

The other way

Fuck yourself man and go get wise I’m

A bastard and I’ll never go away

My blood is boilin I got an urg to smash

You fucken face,

Get out of my way just leave me be and

Stay right out of my way

Just leave me be and

Stay right out of my space,

Stay right out of my space

Get of my case

I’ll smash your fuckin face


I’m polytoxomaniac

I’m always off my fuckin’ head

I love to see those stars

Before my bloodshot eyes

Powder, alcohol and pills

I’m into many different kinds of highs

Gotta get some kicks

Fill me up with thrills and spills



You can never go to far


Booze ‘n’ pills and a sloppy hole


All I need is just one hit

And then my body’s hooked

I love to fell the tingling

Speeding through my brain

I’m rushing man oh what a buzz

Fill my nostrils I’m insane

Gotta get some kicks

My world is melting in green fuzz


Pump my veins up fill my blood

With nothing but intoxication

My need is quenched with just a drop

Of any euphoric bliss

A lethal mix of potions

My want is limitless

Gotta get some kicks


Silly, stupid, asshole, gimp

The list goes on and on

A wide and grinning mask

I’d like to dance upon

You hide behing a deep façade,

A world that’s full

Of lies

We’d love to tear you limb

From limb and

Listen to your cries


A nasty streak that flows

Within your blood your

Full of shit

Your trying to be funny

But you just ain’t any skit

The majority is fooled

Because of your deceit

You cannot fool the klingonz

You are a fucken cheat


Klownz, klownz,

Your all fucking klownz


A happy bunch of gormless

Fools no manners to relate

Sneaky little bastards

That love to irratate

Pretend to us it’s just clean

Fun you smile from

Ear to ear

But deep inside you heart

And soul it’s us

You really fear

Shoot from the scrotum

Open your mouth say

What you’ve gotta say

Fell it in your every being

Shoot the dice and play

Do what you gotta do in life

Who gives a fuck

In your mind and in you brain

Let no-one off the hook


Shoot Shoot Shoot

From the scrotum

Shoot shoot shoot

From the sctotum


Don’t keep it bottled up

I’ll tell you man that’s sad

Society is just a wa

Ste we’ve all been had

Go get a life

Don’t get your excuses

From me me me me

Bleed your emotions

Suck youself dry

Make sure some one

Listing defore you die

Feel the agony

I’m gonna make you

Understand you’ll


Suburban cemetary

On december the 12th 1978

I knocked upon his door

The putrid smell of death

Came rising from the floor

Faulty plumbing was his excuse

A liar we’d rumbled his game

A psychopath who’d played the role

Of violence in his name


A personal graveyard he had made

Right there under his home

He’d find his victims

In the gay clubs where he’d roam

By night an angry ghoul

He’d take their skin right off their

Flesh and mutilate and drool


29 bodies under the floorboards

4 more in the river

Suburban cemetery


His rambling’s protest his innocence

Still to this day

Deathrow is now where he sleeps

For crimes that he mast pay

A fan base that goes round the globe

With books about his life

No – one will ever forget

The killer clown with a knife


Hoobla Haabla

I am a sex god and I stand

Just two feet tall

The babes don’t seem to mind

Even though I’m kinda small

I’m horny horny horny

I’m always in the mood

To get behind the camera

And frolic in the nude

Hoobla habla hoobla haabla


It’s true that I’m a midget

But I’m a porn star

I’m twisted and perverted

Nothing is too bizarre

A trysexual cause I’ll try


Men women s&m please

Whip me till I sting

I’ve been licked out by a fish

I’ve been licked out by a fish

I’ll take you from behind

Or take it from behind

Wank wank wank myself

Till I go fuckin’ blind

I’ll be your babe in arms

And call you mammy dear

And when I get slightest

Chance I’ll fuck you from

The rear

People used to think I was

Nothing but a freak

When they hear my job

Description they can’t speak

Money sex and power for

Such a tiny thing

I am the hoobla haabla

I am the dwarf king


Get me there

Burnin’ through the desert

Doin’ a hundred and eight

Were lookin’ for a good time

And it’s getting late

Me nd my baby

And miles and miles of sand

Where is the pub in this

God forsaken land

Ma and my baby

And a need for fun

Dying of thirst in the

Blisterin’ sun


Where’s the party

Get me there

I smell madness

Get me there

I crave sex and

Drugs and rock ‘n’ roll

Where’s the party

Get me there

Nothin’ but desolation

And a whole lotta danger

In this land of plenty

Alcohol is a stranger

Rocks and cactus everywhere

We’re parched right to the bone

Where is our oasis

In this barren zone

Sausage tits

They call me the hoople cause

I’m a panto dame

Beneath the sheets yeah the woman say I’m

Lame, I’ve got a secret your in for a shock

It’s been a lifetime since I’ve seen my cock


I think I’m beautiful – baloney baloney

I’m good in the morning – your moaney, your moaney


Sausage tits, sausage tits, he’s got sausage tits

Sausage tits, sausage tits, she’s got sausage tits

Sausage tits, sausage tits, you’ve got sausage tits

Sausage tits, sausage tits, we’ve got sausage tits


I love getting naked and wearing womens


Got this overwhelming urge to grab my

Mates balls

My name is the yeti and I’m comin’ at ya

You can run but the belly’s gonna  get ya


There’s nothing I like better than

Squeezing on a dress

I always get a horn and on my pants

I make a mess

In a dress I’m happy I’m a lightweight

And I’m gay

But any chance of shagging

Never comes my way


I’m old but I used to be young

Well look at me I ain’t got no hair

Kids today they’re nothing but square

So listen to my story it’s not a fable

I’ll god damn well drink you under the table


I’m old but I used to be young

I’m still one mean bastard son of a gun


Now straight edge you may be

Fuck that come straight to hell with me

Check me out I’m grey and fat

I tell no lies cause it’s a fact

I may be just a drunk and a paddy

But hear me now cause I’m the fuckin’ daddy


A wrinkley ol’ codger is what they call me

My eyes are so knackered I can’t see

But skin me up a spliff or chop a line

Now’s the time you’ll see this old get shine


Deep space 69

Take me down to a place that rocks

Where I can lose my blues

A place that we can all go and bop

In blue suede shoes

Somewhere, where the sounds are cool

And cats can strut their stuff


The discs keep spinning night and day

The volumes cranked up full

Soak up rock ‘n’ roll my friend

Down here it’s never dull

The chicks gyrate and bump ‘n’ grind

And wiggle to the beat


I’m rockin when the club is pumpin

Down at deep space 69

I’m a lickin when the bitch is suckin’

Down at deep space 69


Come down here guaranteed the swing

Let’s get drunk let’s swear and sing

Mickey out I’ve got a twinge

Jeez the stife off your stinky minge


Let’s jump around and all go wild

To the thump of a rockin’ band

Psycho, punk ‘n’ blues and ska

You squares don’t understand

Sweating bodies bits of string

Stompin’ wreckin’

Oi, oi, oi