Немного лирики от Lucky Devils, 8 треков с альбома “To Hell”, сайкобилли (psychobilly)


Websites girls

Oh baby don’t you hold it against me,

When I get up at night to turn on my PC,

Oh Baby, Baby, Babe they put a spell on me,

They took the control of my body,

And it hardens when they tease me,

Websites girls, website girls …


Oh, girls, girls, girls, you’re on my screen,

And you’re really, really, really, really sexy in your tight jeans,

Oh girls, girls, girls, Latinas or teens,

Oh yeah you really drive me crazy,

You’re driving me mad with you’re body,

Websites girls, website girls.

(r) I’m mad ! I’m mad!

My eyers get out of my head,

I want you on my bed, I wanna be your man,

Hey! I’m mad!

Websites gerls…

Oh baby, I don’t touch you any mare,

You seem so tasteless compared to these wicked whores,

Oh baby, baby, you wouldn’t like hardcore,

These girls alone could satisfy me,

My dreams would become reality,

Websites girls, websites girls…

Oh girls, girls leaning on high heels,

Oh when I see your littie bums my tool is made on steel,

Oh, girls, girls, do you know how I feel,

I know that I will never get you,

My every day life makes me feel blue,

Websites girls, websites girls…

(R )




Well listen everybody to the story of this boy,

Who really made me think of an evil animal,

He’s tall and as slim as a cat, and hairy as a bear,

And he wears big back sideboards with really greasy hair.

He goes out at night,

Just looking for a night,

He’s a Tigerman.

A big ring in nose just like a raging bull,

And when he sniffs his cocaine, then he starts being cruel,

His pretty little girlfriend,he fiercely watches her,

And with his throaty big voice, he always shouts at her.

Yeah he is really scary when he is passin’by,

For sure he’s a rebel,you’ll never hear him sigh,

But he surely’s got a heart, like all these rockin’ guys,

But you’ll never know it: a rocker never cries




You’re wearing those blue jeans with chains on the side,

You’re tattooed and pierced, your hear-ring is your pride,

You’ve got that strange haircut since you was a child,

You really look evil, you really wild,

You’ll go to hell.

You don’t look at all like good people and that’s why you’ll go to hell.

Yeah you’re cheatin’up girls morning noon and night,

So you’ve got a girl in every part of town,

You don’t love them you’re just-a-screwin”around,

You don’t wanna get marry, don’t wanna have no child,

You’ll go to hell.

You have never heard about steady girls and that’s why you’ll go to hell.

You’re drinking and-a-smoking and_a-fightin’all the time,

You don’t care ‘bout TV, you’re always with your pals,

You spend all your money’cause you’re playin’ around,

You’re goin’too fast when you drive or when you ride,

You’ll go to hell.

You don’t you life like other guys and that’s why you’ll go to hell.




If one day you feel sad and blue

And there’s nobody around you

Then just take the Runaway Train.

If you don’t really wanna stay,

If you just wanna go away,

Then just take the Runaway Train.

(r ) the Runaway Train to nowhere

And it’s passengers who don’t care,

Are rollin’ to the settin’ sun,

Yes, everybody’s on the run!

And if love never comes your way,

‘f you wanna find if anyway,

Then just take the Runaway Train.

And if one day you fight the law,

And the solution is to go,

Then just take the Runaway Train.

If you’re in a fine bloody mess,

If life is really pityless,

Then take the Runaway Train.(r )

And if one day you’re in te cart,

If you wanna make a new start,

Then just take the Runaway train.



Well every time I go down town,

Then I can see your turn around,

You walk and you talk but I know you’re watching my outline.

And when I cross you in the street,

You’re always looking at tour feet.

Sometimes our eyes meet for a moment,you smile and go by.

(r ) you run when I arrive,

You run when I smile

You run and I’m down

You run out of town

Beautiful stranger you’re a dream,

But reality seems so grim,

Our lives will never cross any maybe we’d deceived.

So everytime I’ll go down town,

I’ll keep on seein’you turn around,

You’ll walk and talk but I’ll know you’ll be watching my outline,

I’ll make myself smile,

Even if I’m down,

When I’ll go out of town.



Ilike the way you walk, the way you look at me

The way you smile and talk,the way you laugh with me

I like your lively mind, and our complicity

Day after day I find, that you’re the one for me.

I like your round hips, I like your ass

And when I see your legs then I’m in paradise

I like your big lips, I like your breast

And as soon I can I’ll show you I’m the best.

(r ) oh, I ain’t no devil and I ain’t no saint

Oh, but I’m gonna you anyway

Oh hey hey hey oh…

I’d like to hold your hand, to walk along the sea

I’d like to hold your hand, when you’re in misery

I’d like you in my arms when it’s cold and foggy

I’d like you in my arms, and I’ll hug you to me

I’d like to kiss you, to make you shout,

To make you cry for joy and throw your legs about

I’d like to fill you, to fondle your breasts

Until I’m satisfied my darling you won’t rest



Big Jean,she’s rather small,

And when you look at her, you can’t say that she’s skin and bones,

Big Jean, she’s rather small,

And she’s no beauty, but it’s better than no girl at all.

Big Jean, she’s cold as ice,

And you’re really digusted: you’ve found a girl who has no vice,

Big Jean, she’s cold as ice,

From the day you knew her your bollocks looked liked fuzzy dice.

( r ) And when she breaks you,

Treats you so bad,

She wants to hurt you, you’re cryin’in your head.

( r ) Other girls want you? It drives you mad,

The unknown scares you,

You’re cryin’in your head, you’re cryin’ your head.

Big Jean,  she’s a selfish gal,

You can’t do what you want, you’re not allowed to see your pals,

Big Jean, she’s a selfish gal,

But compared to black death you think that she is rather mild,

Big Jean the thrifty one,

Yeah she takes all your money, A single dollar she will bone,

Big Jean the thrifty one,

You have to ask for cash if you want to buy your condoms.

Big Jean, she’s makes you cry,

But you say you love her and you’re ready to scarify,

Big Jean, she’s makes you cry,

But you say you can’t help it: you’re a sentimental guy.


No peace of mind


Damned lovers met tby chance as no one could have foreseen it,

They could have had a true romance, but badluck made that nasty trick.

Maybe they have to pay for sins they commited in their past lifes,

Maybe their souls they have to clean, maybe they were Bonnie&Clyde.

( r ) But they will have to find a way,

And for those rockin’ cats, it’s worth in anyway,

They’ll be no peace of mind, there’ll be no peace of mind

But destiny made that this love is forbidden to them and so

They have to live a secret love like Juliet&Romeo.

Their strong emotions and feelings are the cross they both have to bear,

But all these pains and sufferings their secret love will never tear.