The Meteors “Madman roll”

Один из лучших альбомов королей psychobilly, пять треков с данного альбома

Madman roll

Well lets all play together
Come into our world
Its more fun than's ever been had
By any boy and gerl.
Lets go apeshit crazy.
Madder than before.
Any one who don\t like it
Piss off out and shut the door
Roll roll madman roll.

We do whay we want to
When we want and how.
Can't make us a fashion
Cos we won't allow.
If you'r really good enough
Oh come on in.
It's everything you wanted.
Pleasure pain and sin.
Roll roll madman roll.

Rock, madman rock.
Come on cruise around the world.
Dance with all the wreckers.
Let madness have a whirl.
Humans they don't like it.
Normal people scream.
Crazy girls get grazier
In a thrashing creaming dream.
Roll roll madman roll.

So you don't like it.
Well who the hell are you?
You can't exist in our world
With the kattle and the crew.
Your puney imitations
Of what only we can do.
But what really gets you down
Is that it's really fuckin true.
Roll roll madman roll.




You can't touch me

Well you don't like me
Well please don't try.
You don't like music.
I ain;t gonna cry.
You can do better, or so you say,
You've had your chance
Now go away.
You can't touch me,
You can't touch me,
Not today.

Don't play my records
On your show.
Stick your opinions
Where the sun don't go.
I play for people
Who share my style.
You think you know us.
It makes me smile,
You can't touch me,
You can't touch me,
Not for a while.

You can't t touch me,
You can't touch me,
You won't ever bring me down,
You can't touch me,
You can't touch me,
Keepa looking for me
Cos I'll still be around.

Well I'm not worried
About what you think,
Take your best shot
I won't even blink,
Write shit about me
Go on slag me down,
Well I ain't hiding
I'm still around,
You can't touch me,
You can't touch me,
I ain't gouing down.

Say I'm big headed,
But I say proud,
The best band,
The wildest crowd,
Don't need nobody else at all,
Fuckin'rock solid and on the boll,
You can't touch me, you can't
Touch me,
No not at all.

You're mine

Well I won't ever leave you alone,
I'll never get off your telephone,
Cos you're the one that I desire.
The thought of you sends me
Higher and higher.
Well it's a crime
You won't understand.
Gonna take you all hand.
You ‘re mine.
Well I follow you home
Late at night.
Pick you off the street
Without a fight.
Don't want to hurt you.
Just possess.
Well I'll take you home for ever.
More or less.
There we'll have a crazy time,
Let our brains out to entwine,
You're mine, you're mine.

I'll be there
Like bullet from a gun
Like the moon comes up
To follow the setting sun,
Well just look for
Me cos I'll be there.
Call the cops
Cos I don't really care.
You are just want.
You're gonna turn my whole
World back to front.
You're mine, you're mine.

A very handy man (indeed)

Getting close to his neighbours,
It was important to him,
Skin skin skin eddie g.
It can't be a sin,
Go round to ed's house
You won't tear yourself away.
If you call round for eddie
Then be prepared to stay,
Go see mrs. Geins's
One and only.
(face to face)

Is he really simple,
Or cleverer than you?
The dreams than eddie dreams
You couldn't do.
Down on the farm,
Where he chopped wood,
Down on the farm,
Ten got it good.
Work to do eddie.
(mothers little helper)

What face is he wearing.
Is it someone you knew?
Or are you inside out,
And is he seeing through you?
Packed up in boxes
People that he'd meet,
When eddie felt real low.
He gained twenty feet.
Dig dig dig eddie g.
(mummy says you're sweet)

Running' round

Blasting with my baby.
Burningthrough the night.
I've got the devil in my motorcycle,
It sounds like it could bite.
She's got her arms
Wrapped around me
Tight around my waste.
I can't get going fast enough,
I've got to have a taste,
Twist the clock right round
To a hundred and ten,
Gonna speed my baby
Round the world
And go back round again.

Pull into a little spot
We both know well.
Well it's the loudest place
We got on this side of hell.
Slamming all the kats around
While the music plays.
Oh don't be still my speeding heart
Not now I'm on my way.
The joints drunk dry
And the gang's all outside.
Kick it up and jump on baby
Let's do what ain't been tried.

Running round.
Running round all nigh.
We're all jumping crazy
And the light.

Burning through the backstreet.
Turning up the road.
Hold on tight. Let's jump the light.
we don't ever go too slow.
Blasting round the town.
Life's too short
For hanging round.
Who wants to live
For ever and a day?
Do everything you gotta do.
Burn bright don't fade away.