The quakes "Quaff rock!"



When I was young I wanted to be a rocker

Make all the girls fall in love with me

A real cool cat a real cool shocker

In the headines and on tv


Nothings for real it all comes for free

Beliving all my publicity

Always illusion all mystery

They only know what they see


I wanna be- im a rocker now


Well I might get hooked on drugs

Or I might die in a plane crash

I don’t really care what happens

Just as long as its on tv

Make sure they get my good side


Well I’ll probably marry a fashion queen

And we’ll both die in a plane crash

I don’t really care what happens

Just as long as its on tv

Could be movie of the week


Thrills and sensations

Well the change has come

Just like it did before

You scoffed at them

Now you’re the dinosaur

Outdated outmoded

Now you’re obsolete

From the length of your hair

Down to the shoes on your free


You’re just a dot on the time- line

Face it

You got on future

Your mind – time


All for what?

Thrills and sensations


Cool to be a punk

Went out last night to the continental

Saw a chick and she really looked good-well

I talked to a guy and he said he knows her

He said she thinks you’re just a poseur


Well its so cool to be a punk

Commercial tv junk

And I guess I was drunk anyway


Well I turned on my radio

Cruising around with no place to go

Station said they play the alternative

Sugar coated and so conservative


Oh well they said that it was punk

Commercial tv junk

And I guess I was drunk anyway


Cause its so cool to be a punk

Commercial tv junk

And I guess I was drunk any way



Animals on every corner

Asking you for a quarter

They’d rape your girl

They’d steal your car

Well rise up cause its gone too far


Animals crime and drugs

Animals gangs and thugs

Arm yourself and get a gun

The suburbs are no place to run

Well I don’t know but it seems to me

There’s blight upon society

There’s only one thing left to do

Its up to me and its up to you


Rise up get a gun

Rise up get things done


“you know what im sayin?”


Dinosaur in leather pants


Well all these new hippies

When will tthis shit ever end

With their shorts and their sandals

I hope its just a trend

Well I don’t have a goatee or a flannel shirt

Lll take the girl in the tight black skirt

Everyone’s fat and everyone’s lazy

The whole fucking world is going crazy


Im a dinosaur in leather pants

Im a dinosaur I like adam and the ants

Im a dinosaur and I guess it true

Im a dinosaur but I aint like you


Well I guess im not a rebel I don’t have long hair

Well when I wear make up all the girls think im queer

They can tell im a fossil just by clothes

Well I’ve only got one earring and its not in my nose

And as for techno it sounds like racket

They can bury me in my leather jacket


Im a dinosaur in leather pants

Im a dinosaur in a punk rock trance

Im a dinosaur and I guess it true

Im a dinosaur but I aint like you


Throw it all away

Well me and gal got in a hell of a fight

Well she was totally wrong and I was totally right

Well I never knew love would be this way

Now I gotta live my life for today


Well im walking in the street

Got the lastest on my feet

I dont care about this world

I don’t care about that girl


Throw it away


Well I got a job but it don’t pay

I got a band but we cant play

Well we fooled the japs but never again

They must have lost half a million yen


My heads on the chopping block

The time has come

This is the end

Another way

Another trend


They got a new guy

To take my place

His songs all suck

But hes got the face

(follow this ya creep!)

My heads on the chopping block


America 1998

Death, guns, hate, America 1998


Die in this town

Remember when we used to dig that jive

Back when all your friends were still alive

The change around you seemed to come so fast

But did you really think the cool would last


Its been so long since I saw you

Remember all the things we used to do you

Know a place where I can stay

You gotta help me try to get away

Die in this town

Be my slave

I know that girl

And she knows me

We always play this game of

Hide and seek

She looks at me

And gives a sign

Come on now baby

You’re wasting time

Im not that kind

I don’t wanna mess around

I’ve seen you struttin’ it

In all the clubs in town

I know you want me to make you behave

C’mon now baby be my slave


She likes the action

I like the thrill

And if I ask her

I know she will

She doesn’t wanna see my sensitive side

She likes it most of all when both her hands are tied


Well you’re the kind of girl

Who always gets her way

Im gonna make you do

Everything I say

I know you want me make you behave

C’mon now baby

Be my slave

Living on planet 9

I was feeling all alone nobody ever calls me on the phone

The weekend seemed to come and go

And still I never had to leave my home

Then I met the perfect girl

We started a whole new world so rare

Where everybody walks around with leather jackets

And has blue hair

Living on planet 9-this whole world is mine

Living on planet 9-and its so fine

Every time I come around

They try to keep us underground

You sign your name

But its all a game

The music scene just stays the same


Go get out

I gonna go- get out


Im a kat and that’s that

I live in the kat way

I aint a fake  cause im a quake

No matter what they say

Well im not selling out for cash

That’s just losers talking trash

I still haven’t made a dime

Since when is making money a crime


Well you feel the nation, the generation

Are all tuned to a different station

They found the look, in a book

Now its pure infatuation

Well I could milk it till its dry

I could make the faithfun cry

But im not going down that way

Cause every dogs gonna have his day

I gotta go get out

Of this dream tonight


Future shock rock

Well there’s something happening

But I just cant trace it

The signal is strong

But I just can’t place it

I want it so bad

I can almost taste it

Well the radio dj said something shockin

He said he was gonna played was some old crap from 1972

Well this is future shock rock on the radio

The chemicals are making ny guitar glow

Future shock rock all across the nation

Its coming in on every station

Well the new sound hit me like a nuclear blast

Like a girl in high heels it was so high classed

And every thing  else became a thing of the past

Well I picked up my guitar and I started to rock

Everyone around me went into shock

They couldn’t believe I didn’t  wanna be like

All their dead heroes

Well I finally woke up about a quarter to four

My d-a-ts laying on the floor

I didn’t wanna hear that crap no more

So I called the record store and said I wanna rock

But everything I wanted was out of stock

And everything he had sounded like it was from 1972

Future shock rock


Revenge is mine

You double crossed me

And you thought you could get away

But I know all about the things you do

And all the things you say

There’s no where left to run

There’s no where left to hide

The plans are set in stone

And revenge is mine tonight

A lot of time has passed

But you can bet we won’t forget

You thought you got away

But you’re gonna get yours yet

I got an army of cats

1000 strong

They’re under my command

And revenge is mine tonight


Im gonna hurt someone

Im gonna hurt someone

But I don’t use my fist

Im coming up with a plan and im making a list

Im gonna hurt someone

It will be unsuspected

The person in question

Will be left unprotected


Im gonna hurt someone

Cause l’ve been let down

I’ve been the brunt of the joke

And it’s the talk of the town

Im gonna hurt someone

And this time its for real

Im gonna transfer to you all the things that I feel


Im gonna hurt someone

And I don’t give a damn

When I get done

They’ll all know who I am

Im gonna hurt someone over something I heard

What set me off was just one little word


Hey you,

Well you’re sineless and weak

You aint got the guts

You don’t know when to speak

Hey you

Well im letting you know

I got people waiting for me to say “go”


I cant stop this pain

I cant stop this train

I cant stop it


Tokyo pretty boys

Press your cloths and practice your pose

Your nothing but a freak

Perfect hair yougot the perfect look

You’re a walking antique

On Sunday you parade around and every things a show

Talking’ bout all the pretty boys down in


Well they rock n roll but they got no soul

And their sound is squeaky clean

Well they got no guts and they got no balls

Their the fakestl’ve ever seen

Hanging around at the pink dragon

That’s where they spend their dough

Talkin’ bout all the pretty boys down in


Well they try to mean they try to be james dean

And they are all so very good

At idolize and material lies

All created by Hollywood

Karaoke copy cats and the truth they’ll never know

Talkin’ bout all the pretty boys down in



No face

This time-this place –this world-no trace

This time-this place-this generayion-no face

Revival every 20 years

That’s the source of all our tears

The more things change the more they stay the same

Watch them come and watch them go

See them on a tv show

You know you don’t even know their name

Future calling-people stalling

Pushing us back one more day

Same old story-your past glory

Can’t you see that we’ve got our own way


Nothings safe and nothing shocks

Nothing cool and nothing rocks

But they’re the ones who’ll tell you what to say

Take the old disguised as new

And pass it right along to you

And relive their youth one more day


Shake girl

Well if you wanna go

You gotta go all the way

No matter what they think

No matter what they say

Tight dress and black lipstick

She’s sportin high hell shoes

Just me and you baby

You know we just can’t lose


People say that love is free

But that’s not what the girl told me

I got the money-you got the style

c\mon baby go wild


she told me take a number

im on the payment plan

I got an autographed picture

Well im her biggest fan

You know its not the money

Not just a shallow game

Some say it’s a shake down

But its all the same


People suck

Ya know people suck when you’re down on your luck

And they don’t give a damn and they don’t give a f….

Ya know people suck


Ya know people suck everywhere that you go

So just keep to yourself and just keep down low

Because people suck